Cuckoo Sandbox

In order to consolidate Cuckoo Sandbox as a mature project and to more professionally coordinate and support its development legally and financially, the creation of a not-for-profit foundation was a long-standing requirement.

The Stichting Cuckoo Foundation is now required to hold the copyright of Cuckoo Sandbox and the surrounding projects, and consequently all developers that contribute a substantial amount of code to the project are required to assign the copyright to the organization and provide a signed copy of a formal agreement.

If you contributed or intend to contribute code to Cuckoo Sandbox, please download the respective document and send a signed copy to one of the addresses below.

You can contact us regarding contributors agreements and similar matters to

Similarly, you can also send your signed documents to the following address (although this is not the preferred option as it requires more time):

Stichting Cuckoo Foundation
Hermitage 133
1506 TX Zaandam